Question"Are product managers responsible for discovering valuable products?"

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Question"I think that we are in a perpetual state of scope creep with a never ending stream of tickets. My colleagues say I am wrong. I need your help to better articulate my position."

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Question: "Which discipline is more difficult, product planning or product marketing?"

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There are various misconceptions regarding requirements documents, particularly the Market Requirements Document (MRD) and the Product Requirements Document (PRD).

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Question: "How does a product manager manage a product?"

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Question: "In the product requirements module of the Strategic Product Manager course I had attended there is a slide about the 'Chevrolet Cavalier Anti-jacking Devices'. Could you please expand and provide more information about this example?"

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Question"The PMTK includes a product requirements document. Why is this so if the PRD is not the responsibility of a product manager?"

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Question: "I keep running into confusion about the 'use case' within the MRD. The problem is that my colleagues have an entirely different idea of a 'use case.' They use it as what I would describe as a design tool. They get into the details of step by step action-result, which looks to me like a work flow analysis developed by UI designers."

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Question: "Writing product requirements strikes me as a product manager's responsibility as long as they stay in the problem space. Is this correct?"

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Question: "I am recruiter and in the process of evaluating candidates for an open product planner position with a client (global software company). Which professional and personal skills should I be looking for in candidates for product planning positions? How can these skills be evaluated?"

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Question: "We have just completed the training. How much time and effort should product planners devote to the different tasks in their role?"

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Question: "My company is in the process of adopting the Blackblot format of writing MRD's and we are seeking some tangible metrics to help us verify that we are properly implementing the methodology.

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Question: "We are back from the training and I need a tool or table to quickly explain to a work peer the key differences between a Product Planner and a Product Architect. Can you help?"

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Question: "Quite frankly, so called product management is really all about having some good old fashioned common sense. For example, why do we need an MRD if with Agile we can just build the product as we go and suffice with a Product Backlog?"

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Question: "In a separate article you listed the skills that Product Planners and Product Marketers require to be successful. What is the similar set of skills for a Product Architect?"

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Question: "In the Procedural Requirements Management™ seminar we had learned how to create user personas. Can you provide a persona table for a Product Manager?"

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Question: "In the Blackblot PMTK Features Matrix, as part of the product planning process, do I list all the product requirements and all the market requirements of the product? If not, how do I decide which requirements to include? Should I only list the product features, but not necessarily the market and product requirements?"

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Question: "In the training it was written in one of the slides that "Market requirements must be scalable and measurable". What does scalable and measurable mean relative to market requirements?"

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Question: "Request your feedback/opinion on the applicability of the 'Blackblot MVP Model' for pricing hardware products (e.g. routers, telecom switches, network platforms, etc.), where:

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Question: "At my company there are many diverse opinions, particularly by members of the development team, on anything related to the Market Requirements Document (MRD). Can Blackblot provide an outline that will bring clarity to this topic?"

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