Product Planning Questions

Question"Are product managers responsible for discovering valuable products?"

No. Product managers are responsible for uncovering profitable market problems, and then communicating those problems to product development.

Question"Let me challenge you. Why do we need a precise definition of product management?"

Broad definitions foster wide ranging expectations which are impossible to meet, and do not allow the focus to build a specialized professional skill set.

Question"Is the product manager ultimately accountable for product decisions?"

No. This is the role of the program manager.

Question"Product managers at my company still write product requirements documents (PRD). Can a product backlog replace a PRD?"

First, product architects write PRDs, not product managers. PRDs focus on acutely describing the solution to the market problem via product requirements, while the Scrum product backlog is a general repository that can hold anything.

Question"What is product marketing responsible for?"

According to PMTK, product marketing is responsible for all outbound activities aimed at generating product awareness, differentiation and demand.