Blackblot Content Retention Tool™

Classroom training is a personal experience and an important source of knowledge and materials, but the learning process is not over once the course is over.

Blackblot Content Retention Tool™ (CRT) promotes post-training content retention and helps product managers and product marketers to further deepen their knowledge. These tools challenge individuals with a series of multiple-choice questions, which are based on Blackblot PMTK Book chapters and Powered by Blackblot™ Knowledge Base articles that support a specific topic in the Blackblot Strategic Product Management™ training program and the Blackblot Product Management Professional™ certification program.

Blackblot Content Retention Tool™ are used by many for additional goals:
  • Learning Aid - supplements regular studies through interaction.
  • Self-Assessment - allows uncovering areas for self-improvement.
  • Interview Preparation - builds confidence and serves as a refresher.
  • Certification Study - enables practice and simulated test experience.

Blackblot CRTs are free and delivered in a quiz-like format with an end-of-quiz report. All Blackblot CRT questions and choices are randomized, making for a different CRT experience each time.

Available online and mobile-ready Blackblot Content Retention Tool™ are: (click the to sort)

Notice: The standalone, MS-Windows based Blackblot CRT executables will be gradually replaced by the new online and mobile-ready Blackblot CRTs which will be added here over the upcoming months.

Available standalone, MS-Windows based Blackblot Content Retention Tool™ are:

Recommended study method of using the Blackblot Content Retention Tool™ is:
  • Review the corresponding PMTK Book chapter or KB article (highlight important points).
  • Attend the relevant Blackblot Strategic Product Management™ course (optional).
  • Fully read the corresponding PMTK Book chapter or KB article (take notes in own words).
  • Answer the questions in the content retention tool (repeat as needed).
  • Review the corresponding PMTK Book chapter or or KB article (focus on important points).

Blackblot Content Retention Tool™ do not:
  • Provide for actual on-the-job performance testing.
  • Substitute for actual product management experience.
  • Transmit via the internet any personal information or scores.
  • Constitute certification tests or professional accreditation of any kind.
  • Teach nor test all that is needed to become a qualified product manager.
  • Substitute for actual training, and are neither tutorials nor study guides.
  • Certify that an individual has a certain level of knowledge in a particular product management related topic.
  • Designate any individual as being more qualified, experienced or more suitable than another for any product management role or tasks.