Successful Product Architect Skills

Question: "In a separate article you listed the skills that Product Planners and Product Marketers require to be successful. What is the similar set of skills for a Product Architect?"

Answer: The Successful Product Manager Skills article describes the skill set a Product Planner and Product Marketer required to be successful.

The skills that are required in order to be successful as a Product Architect are:

  • Conceptualize and create product architecture.
  • Advocate development and modeling techniques.
  • Build organizational support for proposed architecture.
  • Analyze and select current and emerging technologies.
  • Comprehend the business context and market problem.

For more information, please see the Blackblot Product Management Team Model and the Blackblot Product Definition Team Model. Also see the "PMTK Role Descriptions" template (PMTK Personnel Management section) in Blackblot's Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK). These issues are explained in length in the Blackblot "Product Management Team Model" and the Blackblot "Product Definition Team Model" chapters in the PMTK Book.

Blackblot Product Management Team Model

Blackblot Product Definition Team Model