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Blackblot Psychometric Test™

The Blackblot Psychometric Test™ (BPT) program presents a collection of six specialized personality tests that allow practitioners, team leaders, job candidates, human resource managers, and recruiters to assess whether a certain individual's skill set profile is suitable for a specific role in product management, as defined by Blackblot and according to the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™.

The Blackblot Psychometric Test™ enables individuals to evaluate and classify their level of suitability to a product management role in an objective and statistically-valid manner based on a consistently unified Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ Role profile and assessment process. The BPT is suitable for all individuals who are actively working in product management roles or for someone who is considering entering the product management profession and would like to validate and assess their current level of suitability.

 Available Blackblot Psychometric Test™

  • "Blackblot Psychometric Test™ for Product Planner" (registration fee: US$25).
  • "Blackblot Psychometric Test™ for Product Marketer" (registration fee: US$25).
  • "Blackblot Psychometric Test™ for Product Architect" (registration fee: US$25).
  • "Blackblot Psychometric Test™ for Sales Engineer" (registration fee: US$25).
  • "Blackblot Psychometric Test™ for Marcom Manager" (registration fee: US$25).
  • "Blackblot Psychometric Test™ for Director of Products" (registration fee: US$25).

The grading system used by the Blackblot Psychometric Test™ is: Very suitable for the role, Suitable for the role, Not suitable for the role.

Each test comprises 80-110 questions to be completed within a similar number of minutes. Following completion, the test taker is provided with a grade, a report analyzing the grade, and recommendations on future steps. Each BPT can be taken up to four times. The test is administered online over the internet by Blackblot and can be taken anytime and anywhere. Before proceeding with a BPT, please read the Blackblot Psychometric Testing Program Agreement document. 

Blackblot Test Center Candidates can experience the BPT test environment by taking a sample test. Please visit the Blackblot Test Center and sign in using the "Sign in as guest" button. A sample test will be presented.
All Blackblot Strategic Product Manager™ (SPMR) course training graduates worldwide receive a one-time free registration to each of the available BPT.  The Blackblot Psychometric Test™ is a component of the Blackblot career support services.