Product Management and Product Requirements

Question: "Writing product requirements strikes me as a product manager's responsibility as long as they stay in the problem space. Is this correct?"

Answer: The Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) methodology has two foundation rules:

  1. Product management is comprised of product planning and product marketing.
  2. Product management resides solely in the problem space.

Product requirements are obviously a part of the solution space so they can not belong to any role in product management. Market requirements are written in the Market Requirements Document (MRD) by the Product Planner. Product requirements are written in the Product Requirements Document (PRD) by the Product Architect.

For more information, see the Blackblot Product Definition Team Model . This issue is explained at length in the Blackblot "Product Definition Team Model" chapter in the Blackblot PMTK Book.

Blackblot Product Definition Team Model