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Blackblot PMTK Product Management Manifesto

PMTK Product Management Concepts

  • Product Management – "Market-focused corporate activity that uncovers potentially profitable market problems and communicates them in the proper format to the company's product developers who then specify and build solutions to those problems."
  • Product Manager – "Market expert who seeks potentially profitable market problems and describes them to product developers."
  • Product Manager's Credo/Focus – "You're not managing a product. You're managing the market problem which the product solves."


PMTK Product Management Guidelines

  • Product management is a specialization.
  • Product management resides solely in the problem space.
  • Product management is an autonomous corporate function.


PMTK Product Management Objectives

  • Provide more value than the competition.
  • Build a sustainable competitive advantage.


PMTK Product Manager Role

  • The Product Manager is a market expert – a strategic role in the problem space.
  • The Product Manager owns and manages the market problem that the product solves.
  • The Product Manager describes the user's functional market problem to the product developers.

Note: In PMTK literature, the Product Manager is the PMTK Product Planner.