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Blackblot Official Course Certificate of Completion

As a product management professional, you will need to develop domain and functional expertise.

Domain expertise is one's knowledge in the technical and business aspects of the product, including the technology, industry, and market.

Functional expertise is one's ability to execute techniques, processes, and tasks that aim to create winning products in the case of product management.

Virtually no one teaches domain expertise as that comes by working in a particular industry and gaining work experience, but functional expertise is taught. Companies typically hire people who have relevant domain expertise and then train these employees to develop functional expertise.

This is why employers recognize the value of training and view it as a way to improve employee performance.

Training is a very effective means to acquire the accumulated experience of others and product management training helps to establish a baseline for attaining functional expertise.

Each Blackblot course attendee receives a Blackblot Official Course Certificate Of Completion in digital format. After all, you never know when you might need to prove you have undergone product management training.

Blackblot Official Course Certificate of Completion