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Blackblot PMTK Product Management Team Charter

A Team Charter describes the parameters (aka boundaries) in which the team operates.

A charter for product management teams aligns new and existing team members with a consistent understanding of product management, clarifies who does what and why, and promotes cohesion among team members.

Blackblot's PMTK Product Management Team Charter is synchronized with the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ and outlines the product management team's mission, vision, scope, roles (responsibilities, goals, skills, expertise), and values.

Team Vision

Introducing and delivering practical products that customers actually need.


Team Mission

Achieving product success through effective product management practices.


Scope of Operation

Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ foundation rules:
  1. Product management is comprised of product planning and product marketing.
  2. Product management resides solely in the problem space.


Team Roles

Role Responsibility Goal Skills Expertise
Product Planner (Strategic Role) Identify and articulate market requirements Solve market problems Intelligence, superb linguistics Market Expert
Product Marketer (Strategic Role) Generate awareness, differentiation, and demand Attain Superior Perceived Value Abstract thinking, psycho-social comprehension Marketing Expert
Sales Engineer (Tactical Role) Outbound product-centric activities, i.e., pre-sales support and product demos Customer knowledge of product value and functionality Rapport building, public addressing Advocacy Expert
MarCom Manager (Tactical Role) Conception and copywriting of all collateral material Consistent company image and positioning in the marketplace Creative, artistic Media Expert
Director of Products (Strategic Role) Balancing corporate goals with long-term market trends and opportunities Successful formulation and execution of market and product strategies Thinker, influencer, leader Strategy Expert


Team Values

  • Quality – Providing products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Integrity – Maintaining the utmost level of correctness and ethics.
  • Flexibility – Focusing on customers' needs and matching the offering.
  • Responsiveness – Timely, courteous, and professional conduct.
  • Growth – Constant collaboration, critical thinking, improvement, and self-development.