Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ Program

Product management is new to many organizations.  Modern companies acknowledge the need for internal product management coaching and mentoring programs for their employees. 

The Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ program is Blackblot's answer for the growing need for an authoritative internal figure at companies.

Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ Program

The Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ is a knowledgeable company employee that guides the company's product team to achieve better integration and more structure and consistency in applying the product management discipline.

Competent and experienced, Blackblot certified product coaches leverage the Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) methodology to help companies and practitioners overcome strategic and tactical challenges in product management and product marketing.

The Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ accreditation is available to qualified individuals with proven professional competencies. 


  1. Attend at least one Blackblot Strategic Product Manager™ (SPMR) training session.
  2. Successfully pass all six available Blackblot Product Management Professional™ (BPMP) certification tests, free of charge.
  3. Owner or employee of an independent consulting firm, or internal employee at a company.


  1. No licensing fees to Blackblot.
  2. Free seat in a referred external training sessions.
  3. Commission from Blackblot on referrals to external training sessions.
  4. Discounted bulk rates on the purchase of Blackblot PMTK Book copies.
  5. Priority, free, and unlimited professional support from Blackblot.
  6. Direct promotion by Blackblot via web and other electronic communications.
  7. Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ accreditation does not expire.


Master BPMP is required to successfully pass three subspecialty BPMP certification tests, free of charge, to obtain a Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ accreditation.

To join the Blackblot Certified Product Coach™ program or for more information, please contact us.