Blackblot Customized Private Training

Blackblot's private customized training help bring out the full potential of the learning experience.

In Blackblot's private and instructor-led course setting, content is delivered only to the company's product team and is customized to address the individual participants' and the company's specific needs. Discussions and context of the private course are set on the company's deliverables and challenges, so they are immediately productive and help build real-life professional improvement.

Blackblot's private customized training helps each and every company merge their own needs, culture and existing processes with the Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) methodology in order to produce a desired change or effect.

Blackblot's private customized training is delivered onsite at the company's offices or nearby.

The benefits of Blackblot's customized private training include:

  • Flexibility in scheduling the training dates.
  • Greater potential for improved job performance.
  • Promotes overall team productivity and collaboration.
  • Substantial savings on course fees and travel expenses.
  • Content is dynamically adapted to suit group needs and pace.
  • Exercise material can include company business data (under NDA).
  • Less costly than collectively sending the product team to public training.


Customized private training is available for product teams with five or more attendees. Blackblot offers two levels of course customization: Basic and Advanced.

For more information and to inquire about Blackblot Customized Private Training in your region, please contact us.