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Blackblot Certification Program Benefits

Product management has reached relative maturity and acceptance as an evolving art and science, but with relatively limited subject matter consolidation and opportunities at certifying expertise.  With over a decade of focused experience in providing technology product management services, Blackblot has the reputation, knowledge and expertise to offer a credible certification.

The Blackblot Product Management Professional™ (BPMP) certification program tests an individual on the level of knowledge they have regarding a defined set of best practices and proven methods of performing specific tasks in product management, as taught by Blackblot.  The BPMP certification program allows an individual to display a competency level in a narrowly defined sub-domain of product management.

The following table summarizes the Blackblot BPMP certification program's key features and benefits.

Blackblot Product Management Certification Program


Certification Program Benefit/Description

Based on PMTK

The BPMP certification program tests on the concepts of the "Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit®" (PMTK); the most extensive and customizable professional template collection.

Proven Concepts The BPMP certification program tests on the best practices and processes used by top technology companies to create successful market-driven products and services.
Supported by Training Blackblot's Strategic Product Management™ training program provides the study materials for the BPMP certification tests that allow individuals to professionally validate and differentiate themselves, and enables companies to achieve better consistency in the internal application of product management.
Modular and Focused 1. "Blackblot Product Management Professional™ in Product Management" core certification test
2. "Blackblot Product Management Professional™ in Product Planning" advanced certification test
3. "Blackblot Product Management Professional™ in Product Marketing" advanced certification test
Progressive Skill Development The BPMP certification program is guided by the "Blackblot Skills Radial", which depicts a learning concept that is aimed at generating proper skill build-up.

The BPMP certification program allows product managers and marketing managers to differentiate themselves, validate their skills, gain professional acknowledgement, and demonstrate a commitment to the product management profession.

Relevancy The BPMP certification program was specifically designed for technology product management and product marketing managers.
Certificate of Completion Provides attendees with a Blackblot Official BPMP Certificate of Completion (in high quality PDF digital format) that proves to employers the individual accomplishment.
Instantaneous Notification The BPMP certification test results are provided on the computer screen and via an email message, immediately following completion of the test.
Test Format The BPMP certification tests are taken individually and independently.  The tests' format is an open-book, computer-based, multiple-choice, time-constrained format and delivered online via a web browser from anywhere worldwide.
Attempts per Registration Two attempts to pass any BPMP certification test are granted per each registration.

Training Graduates' Privileges

Blackblot training graduates worldwide receive a one-time free registration to each of the available BPMP certification tests.
Study Materials  
Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® is a set of professional, comprehensive, fully-customizable product planning and product marketing templates.
Content Retention Tools Foster post-training content retention as a learning aid, self assessment and improvement, and for interview preparation.
PMTK Book Chapters Blackblot's PMTK Book chapters allow assimilation of information in self-study mode.
Training Seminar Materials The BPMP certification test study materials include the relevant Blackblot seminar slide booklets and other collateral material provided to attendees with each seminar (optional but highly recommended).