Question"What is the guideline to support adding a sales-driven feature?"

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Question: "Which discipline is more difficult, product planning or product marketing?"

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Question: "We are struggling with redefining the product marketing function at our company. Its purpose and goal and what skills are needed."

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A simple primer on product positioning and what it is used for, according to the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ and the value models in PMTK.

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Question: "I find there's confusion among technical people about the Positioning Statement, but I'm confused as to why they are confused. Can you please clarify?"

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Question: "If I were to write a Positioning Statement for the Apple's iPhone, I would write it this way: 'For the <mobile user> who <needs a single multipurpose handheld device>, the <iPhone> provides <a phone with Internet access and a widescreen audio/video player>. Unlike <a BlackBerry>, the <iPhone is years ahead with an ever-growing collection of applications for every purpose>'. Is this a good example?"

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Question: "In the Blackblot Strategic Product Manager™ course that I attended there is a bullet point in the training slides that refers to 'Confusing Marketing with Sales'. Could you please expand on this topic?"

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Question: "I am a product marketing manager with an international corporation that designs and manufactures plastic products. I have been tasked with preparing a market study report and a competitive analysis report for one of our products. Which resources are required to prepare these reports? What are the key points in these reports? Which obstacles might I encounter when preparing these reports? "

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Question: "Can you please explain the differences between a BRD and an MRD with respect to both new products and product enhancements? Is a BRD the same as a Business case?"

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Question: "What are some tools or models that product marketers can use to express the business value of a product?"

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Question: "To what extent is a Product Manager responsible for Product Marketing?"

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Question: "Why, in the PMTK Action Model, is the Product Marketer responsible for the Business Case as opposed to the Product Planner?

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The Blackblot HootSuite Uploader Matrix is an Excel spreadsheet that efficiently prepares and creates the bulk messages upload file for HootSuite.

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