Product Marketing Purpose, Goal and Skills

Question: "We are struggling with redefining the product marketing function at our company. Its purpose and goal and what skills are needed."

Answer: Here are some excerpts from the PMTK book.

Product Marketing is the outbound activities aimed at generating product awareness, differentiation and demand. Product marketing is one of the three disciplines that make the marketing domain (product marketing, corporate marketing, and marketing communications).

The goal of product marketing is to attain Superior Perceived Value, a state where customers perceive the product gives a net value more positive than its alternatives.

According to Blackblot PMTK Methodology™, the Product Marketer's skillset includes:

  • Superb planning and process skills.
  • Competency in conceptualizing the abstract.
  • Mastery of marketing techniques and tasks.
  • Profound comprehension of psycho-social behaviors.
  • Deep understanding of the marketing lifecycle.

It should be noted that a product marketer must be comfortable with continuous ambiguity and uncertainty, something that is vehemently disliked by people with an engineering mindset.