Product Management Training – How To Compare?

Question: "We would like to compare Blackblot's product management training program to other programs. Please advise."

Answer: The following table summarizes the list of key parameters that can be used as a checklist to evaluate and compare the Blackblot Strategic Product Management™ training program with any other training program.

Topic Blackblot Strategic Product Management™ Training Program Other Training Program
Audience Attention Courses are designed to have consistent interaction, provide supportive data, and classroom activities.
Career Support Training (IC course) and templates for team management, professional development, role descriptions, job descriptions, hiring and interviewing; specifically for product management.
Comprehensive Study Program Provides three job necessities: knowledge, skills, and tools.
Knowledge Transfer Presentations Provided for dissemination of knowledge and information acquired during training at the workplace.
Content Retention Tools Provided as a learning aid, for self assessment and improvement,and for interview preparation.
Delivery Format "Classroom" delivery mode. More exercises and discussions.
Diverse Learning Modes Multi-modal learning approach which allows learning in different ways (instructor-led, examples, retention drills, exercises, articles, content retention tools).
Technology Focus Practical and interlaced with various historical (B2B and B2C) technology case studies.
Instructor Certification Program Yes. The instructor certification program aims to consistently maintain a high-level of in-house and partner-employed trainer proficiency.
Methodology Focus Macro and micro view, based on well-defined PMTK processes and tasks.
Pedagogy Consistent and published training pedagogy.
Pre And Post-Training Services "Blackblot Onsite Facilitation Workshop", "Blackblot PMTK Implementation Project".
Product Management Templates "Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit™" (PMTK), designed, authored, maintained, supported, and updated by the same entity.
Seminar Action Plans Yes. Practical guidelines for implementation at work of the knowledge learned in training.
Sessions Length Forty five (45) minute sessions for best content comprehension and retention.
Student Certification Program Expansive BPMP medium-stakes certification tests.
Support Articles Professional text articles, integrated with the training, that allow self-study.
Synchronized Material Training curriculum authored and maintained by a single entity for consistency and uniformity.
Target Audience Level Beginner to advanced.
Training Concept "Blackblot Skills Radial" aimed at generating progressive skill build-up.
Training Tracks Dedicated tracks for Product Planners and Product Marketers.
Uniform Terminology Documented product management glossary with clear definitions that establish a common understanding, better internal cooperation, and standardize corporate processes.
Work Models A more holistic and comprehensive collection of practical and applicable work models that cover nearly all aspects of product management.