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Blackblot Product Definition Team Model

Product definition is a critical starting point in the delivery of any new product. In many companies, there are recognized product development teams and processes, but a clear concept and establishment of a product definition team and process is often absent.

The lack of a cross-departmental product definition team and a market-driven product definition process to match, may lead to misconceived products with lower success rates. Without a clear guide on how to build, define and structure the individual roles in a product definition team, coupled with a structured and documented process to follow; there is a very strong chance of a highly inefficient product definition process taking place.

This inefficiency can be successfully countered with the concept of a well-defined team of individuals (belonging to both the product management and engineering departments) that have different roles and different domains of expertise, which follow a structured, repeatable product definition process.

For more information, please read the "Product Definition Team" chapter in the Blackblot PMTK Book.

Blackblot Product Definition Team Model

Role Responsibility Product Frame Deliverable Expertise
Product Planner (Strategic Role) Articulate market problem Market Requirements MRD ("What to solve?") Market Expert
Product Architect (Tactical Role) Devise functional solution Product Requirements PRD ("How to solve?") Product Expert
Lead Developer (Technical Role) Design product implementation Product Attributes and Specifications Tech. Spec. ("How to build?") Technology Expert