Which is better for product management? Scrum or SAFe?

Question"Which is better for product management? Scrum or SAFe?"

Scrum has impacted product management by allowing misguided interpretations that product managers can be replaced by product owners, or that product managers can assume product owner responsibilities.

SAFe has alleviated some of the pressures placed on product management by Scrum because SAFe has restrained unsupported Scrum implementations relative to product management.

SAFe has corrected Scrum's misconceptions about product management by very clearly separating the product manager role from the product owner role, and placing these two different roles in different departments.

SAFe correctly views the product manager as a separate role outside the Agile Team.

But SAFe still incorrectly assigns the product manager responsibilities concerning the Team Backlog and overseeing product owners.

Blackblot's position is that Scrum Product Owners be renamed as Backlog Managers to reflect their primary occupation.

One of the Backlog Managers will be designated as a Team Backlog Manager and he/she will be responsible for managing the team backlog and the product owners.

This will allow product managers to focus on real strategic product management responsibilities in the problem space and not expend untold energy on the Agile turmoil in the solution space.