Role of a Product Manager on Product Pricing Strategies

Question"I wish to know the role of a product manager on product pricing strategy. Do you have any content? (this is for personal use and study)"

The Blackblot Market-Value Pricing™ Model (MVP Model) is an extension to the teachings of the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™.

The Blackblot MVP Model describes Pricing Strategies as the primary available pricing methods that a business can select from and use to determine a price. Each of the specific methods relies on a particular pricing decision factor. 

The MVP Model presents four possible pricing strategies that are available as part of the MVP Model's pricing scheme: cost-plus, going-rate, market-will-bear, and market-value

According to the MVP Model, the product manager is a member of a pricing committee that makes all product pricing decisions.

The pricing committee includes members from sales, marketing, product management, development and is headed by the product's program manager.

For more information, see the Market-Value Pricing: Definitions, Concepts, and Processes for Market-Value Centric Pricing book.