Scalable and Measurable Market Requirements

Question: "In the training it was written in one of the slides that "Market requirements must be scalable and measurable". What does scalable and measurable mean relative to market requirements?"

Answer: The Blackblot Procedural Requirements Management™ (PRM) is a methodology to create high-quality, usable market requirements.

The Blackblot PRM methodology's guideline that all market requirements must be measured relates to the marketing requirement's pass/fail metric (one of the four elements of the market requirement's Directive statement).

For example, the pass/fail metric for "The user shall be able to view the email message." market requirement is if the user was able or unable to view the email message. This means that the market requirement is Measurable but only in a dichotomous way (able/unable).

Relative to market requirements, the term Scalable means that the measurement scale can be expanded beyond the dichotomous true/false criteria and provide graduated measurement markings to accommodate for more accurate representation of reality and customer needs.

For example, "The user shall be able to view the email message within three seconds." market requirement is both Measurable and Scalable because the deciding criteria is units of time which are graduated and flexible to measure.