Product Manager's Sense of a Higher Purpose

Question: "I am pondering this philosophical question. What in its entire doings and interfaces can resonate a sense of a higher purpose in a Product Manager?"

Answer: The general statistic shows that about 90% of new products launched each year in the developed world are commercial failures. Mankind globally is denied advancement and better quality of life because so much time, money and effort goes to produce products that are "losers" (mostly products that are unneeded and of low value).

The world for humans would be a better place if people could through some clever efficiency reduce the tremendous waste of resources that goes to produce so many "losers" and channel that effort and money to produce products that are "winners" (products that are beneficial and of high value). That clever efficiency is product management best practices.

Early on that sense of a higher purpose for product managers was established in the Blackblot Vision statement which reads: "Blackblot's vision is of technology companies introducing and delivering the most useful products that customers actually need."

Every product aims to solve a market problem. So a product manager's sense of a higher purpose is to improve life for mankind by bringing to market beneficial products that people are really in need of to solve their problems.