Russell's Teapot in PMTK

Russell's Teapot, a philosophical argument, states that the burden of proof is with the person making a claim, rather than placing a burden to disprove with sceptics of that claim.

This argument states that if someone were to claim an invisible teapot orbiting the sun, it would be that person's responsibility to prove this claim rather than forcing sceptics to produce evidence that no such celestial teapot exists.

Along with Occam's Razor principle for problem-solving, Russell's Teapot principle for validation is one of two guiding principles that were instrumental in formulating the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™.

Russell's Teapot is essentially a demand to provide proof and credence to any claims that are made. It asserts that a lack of evidence or rationales will reduce a claim's credibility, and that mere belief or opinion is insufficient validation for any claim.

Russell's Teapot imposition to defend all claims and prove their validity is found throughout the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ and Blackblot's offering, and is evident in the PMTK foundation rules.