DevOps and Product Management

Question"How does DevOps relate to product management?"

DevOps is a collective term that describes practices geared at efficiently building and deploying software products.

Indirect benefits of DevOps include fostering a collaborative and more streamlined relationship between development and operations, and generating internal feedback to improve the product.

Under the Generalization approach (product manager does everything, aka CEO of the Product), DevOps is probably something that the product manager needs to be aware of.

With the Technology approach (product manager is part of product development, and subservient to the development method) DevOps is integral to the job.

The Business approach (product manager is focused on the business aspects of the product, primarily money) will disregard DevOps since the thinking is primarily geared towards business.

The Methodology approach (product management is governed by foundation rules) is represented by the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™. According to PMTK rules, DevOps resides in the solution space and therefore is in no way part of product management.

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