Is ‘Product Manager’ My True Job Title?

Question: "I am attending product management training, learning Blackblot's methodology and realized that I need to rethink my true job title which may not be Product Manager. How can I determine what my real job title should be?"

Answer: A job title is only a label to which one or more roles are assigned. Product Manager is the title given to a job container which holds two or more roles. Therefore, what is more important and what you need to ascertain is which roles you actually perform in or outside of product management.

In order to determine and map your own roles, please see the Blackblot Product Management Team Model and the Blackblot Product Definition Team Model.  Also see the "PMTK Role Descriptions" template (PMTK Personnel Management section) in Blackblot's Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK).

These issues are explained in length in the Blackblot "Product Management Team Model" and the Blackblot "Product Definition Team Model" chapters in the PMTK Book.

Blackblot Product Management Team Model

Blackblot Product Definition Team Model