PMTK and Stage Gate Models

Question: "How can we map the PMTK Action-Model of Blackblot's product management methodology to the Stage-Gate® Model for product innovation?"

Answer: The PMTK Action Model is Blackblot's Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) methodology's core work model. It is a reference framework which governs the sequence of using PMTK templates. It is also an operational framework that demonstrates the process and phases of performing and correlating product planning tasks with product marketing tasks.

The PMTK Flow Model is a representation of the PMTK Action Model in a stage-gate format rather than a tabular format.

The PMTK Flow Model demonstrates the internal flow and interaction between product planning and product marketing deliverables and maps them to the entire product management process. The goal of the PMTK Flow Model is to help managers apply the PMTK Action Model in a stage-gate/milestone-based like fashion.

Familiarity with the PMTK Action Model is obviously a requirement to using the PMTK Flow Model.