Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, and Metrics

Question"Just completed the PMTK course. We didn't cover lean startup, business model canvas, and metrics. Why is that?"

The Blackblot Strategic Product Manager™ (SPMR) course teaches product management according to PMTK. You had listed things unrelated to product management.

Lean Startup is an overly simplified framework that is inspired by market-driven product management. Please see the Lean Startup Revolutionized Product Management? and the Product Management and Lean Startup articles.

The Business Model Canvas is essentially a schematic representation of a business plan. Please see the Blackblot PMTK Business Plan template.

Product metrics are the duty of a program manager, not product manager. Please see Program Manager is Product CEO chapter (page 155) in the Blackblot PMTK Book: Second Edition.