Transitioning from a Technical Role to Product Management

Question: "How should one make a move from core engineering/development or R&D to product management?"

Answer: The mechanics of making this career move would include suggestions such as getting trained and certified in product management or volunteering to partake in product management tasks at your company. Some recommend getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) academic degree as a beneficial step towards a product management position.

However, the transition from a technical position to any role in product management is not about acquiring a new skill set with new responsibilities but is mainly about somewhat of a personality change that is not easy to accomplish in a grown person. Therefore, the move is all about a personal internal change.

You should leave your current position and move into product management roles if you feel challenged and excited by market-think (not product-think) and wish to make uncertain yet possibly very rewarding business decisions that in their very nature are probabilistic and run contrary to deterministic technical decisions. For more information, please see the Blackblot career web page.