Product Management Certifications

Question: "Should product managers get a project management professional (PMP) certification? Should I get a certification in product management and which certifications are available?"

Answer: Basic project management skills are always useful but not required for anyone in product management. Solid project management skills and perhaps a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification are professionally and career wise relevant to Program Managers and (obviously) Project Managers.

A certification in product management holds benefits to the certified individual and to the employing company. It may open new career or business opportunities that were previously unavailable as one demonstrates a commitment to the product management profession. In addition, being certified allows companies to differentiate candidates in the hiring cycle and instill better consistency in the internal application of the product management discipline.

The Blackblot Product Management Professional™ (BPMP) certification program tests an individual on the level of knowledge they have regarding a defined set of best practices and proven methods of performing specific tasks in product management, according to the Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) methodology.

There are several product management related certifications available on the market which a product manager may consider. These certifications can be evaluated and compared by using the Blackblot Certification Program Benefits table for criteria.

For more information, please see the list of available product management certifications by Blackblot and other vendors at the Blackblot resources web page.

Blackblot Product Management Professional™ (BPMP)