Product Management at Technology Companies in India

Question: "From your work in other parts of the world, what differences/similarities do you see among the Indian companies and CEOs you've interacted with when it comes to product management?"

Answer: The business, product and market challenges that Indian companies and their CEOs face are very similar to their counterparts elsewhere. Indian and western companies are very similar in their structure and operations.

However, Blackblot would venture to say that the key difference between Indian and western companies hinges on the fact that many Indian companies were functioning for many years as service and outsourcing entities while western companies were bent on market and product leadership.

The western companies had developed product management organizations that guided the companies' product strategies. Conversely, Indian companies invested more in IT and product development; and did not allocate resources to building the required competencies in product management.

Indian companies will now need to more aggressively invest and focus on building skills in market-driven product management in order to be able to productize their companies and successfully compete in the global markets.