Persona Table for a Product Manager

Question: "In the Procedural Requirements Management™ seminar we had learned how to create user personas. Can you provide a persona table for a Product Manager?"
Answer: Following is a much generalized and very stereotypical persona profile for a product management practitioner:

Field Description
Persona Product Manager.
Background BA in technical field, 2-10 years of experience in product management role, formerly from development/engineering, good domain expertise in the industry, needs to improve functional expertise in product management.
Behavior Engaged daily in many unchallenging tactical activities, frustrated from overwhelming workload and ambiguous job description, possibly in some contention with development and executive management, possibly relegated to providing support to developers and salespeople.
Character Results and goal oriented, task and process driven, self-motivated, critical thinker, intelligent, independent, learner.
Goals Desires self-promotion, seeks job and role clarity, attempts to promote workplace efficiency, seeks appreciation and recognition from executives.