PMTK Market-Value Pricing Model

Developed by Blackblot, the PMTK Market-Value Pricing Model (MVP Model) is a market-value centric pricing process which guides sets of managerial decisions that help determine a product's price. Price is the specification of what a seller wants in exchange for granting right of ownership or use to a product. Pricing is the act of setting a price.

The PMTK MVP Model is comprised of three distinct parts that effectively act as sequential stages in the pricing process:
  • Pricing Scheme – outline of the overall pricing approach which encompasses the principles for pricing the specific product (how to achieve).
  • Pricing Formula – calculatory structure that allows the application of pricing changes to specific markets or competitive regions (how to calculate).
  • Price Mix – price related aggregate of information and conditions that the customer is presented with (how to present).

The Blackblot PMTK MVP Model is designed to be used in conjunction with the "MVP Pricing Model" spreadsheet and the "MVP Pricing Model" template which are part of the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™.

Blackblot PMTK Market-Value Pricing Model