Blackblot Qualified Professional™ Evaluator

The Blackblot Qualified Professional™ (BQP) program provides practitioners, team leaders, job candidates, human resource managers and recruiters with means to consistently and objectively assess a particular individual's professional competency level, as defined by Blackblot and according to the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™.

The BQP Qualifier is based on primary (practitioners survey, recruiters survey) and secondary research data and employs a statistically-valid classification algorithm that is periodically calibrated to reflect current HR, recruiters, and market preferences to the classification criteria. This tool generates a PDF report and is provided free of charge.

The grading levels used by the Blackblot Qualified Professional™ program are: Entry, Foundation, Advanced, and Expert. Before proceeding with the BQP Qualifier, please read the Blackblot Qualified Professional Program Agreement document.

Blackblot Qualified Professional™ Qualifier

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