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Blackblot Notification Mailing List – March 23, 2020

Mar 23, 2020

The corona virus pandemic has for now paralyzed much of the world's economy. Minimal travel, scarce flights, lockdowns. Everybody is talking about working remotely.

The Blackblot team has been working remotely for over a decade. It was called telecommuting back then and we did it to reduce our office space and spend more time being productive.

We started with Skype and today we have evolved to using the best available software tools for screen sharing, teleconferencing, large file transfers, online presentations, task and collaboration management, web and mobile chat, and web applications.

We have become very experienced in communicating among ourselves and with customers and freelancers. It had transformed Blackblot in to a very efficient organization with a small and highly productive team. The resulting minimal operational overhead also allowed Blackblot to transfer the significant cost savings directly to its customers. 

The corona virus crisis will eventually subside. Vaccine development, testing of new medicines, population containment, and a hot summer season will all contribute to the situation getting better. The global spree in online collaboration will also eventually subside.

Not everybody will continue with remote working, online learning, and doing everything on the internet. You need to have a certain personality type and discipline to extensively work alone in front of a computer. Ultimately, life has its balances and all humans need interaction and workplace socializing. 

Blackblot's proficiency in the digital world and expertise in product management would have made it very easy for us to provide online training. But for quite some time the market has consistently showed us that nothing beats an interactive in-person classroom experience with peers and a knowledgeable instructor.

So unsurprisingly in the last couple of years and due to very strong demand, Blackblot's training business has overwhelmingly shifted to onsite customized private training to product teams at companies worldwide and this has become our specialty. 

We found our niche in providing ultra-professional product management training and expert services to uncompromising companies. All based on the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™.

The corona virus has put many things on hold for all concerned but apparently not some product management practitioners' desire to leverage these trying times to expand their professional knowledge. 

An unprecedented influx of very thoughtful questions has been pouring in and I promise to answer them all in due course. We regularly post the answers on under my LinkedIn profile and on the Blackblot Knowledge Base.

Lastly, the corona virus crisis will not alter Blackblot's unwavering commitment to providing the most professional product management offering of the highest quality and value. We are leveraging the hiatus and working diligently to provide you with many new beneficial initiatives in the near future.

Stay safe.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Gabriel Steinhardt
CEO and Managing Director
Blackblot - Product Management Expertise™ | ISO 9001:2008 Certified