Blackblot Technology Product Management™ Seminar

The Blackblot Technology Product Management™ (TPM) seminar provides professionals in corporate functions adjacent to product management with the knowledge and understanding of the latest trends, methodologies and concepts in technology product management.

The objective of the TPM seminar is to promote a more efficient and professional internal cooperation between product management and the other corporate departments. The underpinning theme is the acknowledgment that a smooth product development process and commercial success are based on good internal cooperation and interaction between product management, development, marketing and executive management.

This one-day seminar includes an expansive review of the discipline, terminology, work processes, roles, and occupational responsibilities in technology product management.

Combining both theoretical and practical content and supplemented by real-life case studies, collaborative practice sessions and classroom discussions, this highly interactive and intensive educational program is designed to be extremely beneficial to:
  • Developers and engineers who interface and interact frequently with product managers
  • Technology professionals who are considering a career transition to a role in product management
  • Executives and venture capital portfolio managers who are responsible for a product's commercial success

Customized private training of this seminar is available for companies with five or more attendees. Details of the course daily agenda and curriculum are in the Blackblot Technology Product Management™ seminar syllabus. For more information, please contact us.