Blackblot Product Management Professionals™ Program

Blackblot recognizes and provides a host of free benefits to independent bloggers, thought-leaders, and select practitioners (collectively known as "Pros") in the product management and product marketing domain.

The Blackblot Product Management Professionals™ program is one of Blackblot's ways of supporting and building a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which Blackblot operates. The underlying motivation for this initiative lays in Blackblot's sense of responsibility and active interest in the well-being of the product management community.


  1. Pros are permitted to unrestrictedly copy and use professional content from the Powered by Blackblot™ Knowledge Base and are also provided other unpublished content for any of their needs. The content can be reposted, presented to foster discussions, or used and built upon to create new and relevant posts and articles. Proper attribution (copyright statement and source URL) to Blackblot must always be maintained.
  2. Pros receive priority for any joint collaborative work with Blackblot.


  1. Pros receive free and unlimited professional support from Blackblot in all matters relating to product management and product marketing.
  2. Pros are included in the Blackblot Partners Mailing List to receive early notification of upcoming Blackblot events, products and developments.


  1. Pros demonstrating commitment to Blackblot receive at no-cost a license to Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) and a free digital copy of the Blackblot PMTK Book.

To join the Blackblot Product Management Professionals™ program or for more information, please contact us.