Blackblot Training Pedagogy

Effective learning depends on experiences appropriately designed and facilitated by knowledgeable instructors. Because students have different learning styles, Blackblot has formulated its own instructional methodology that utilizes a predetermined sequence of diverse instructional activities which help students more easily grasp the content being taught.

Blackblot's training is designed to be more collaborative, contextual and active; with instructors taking the role of facilitators, guiding students towards a better learning experience.

The instructional design of Blackblot courses promotes diverse patterns of communication via a full range of interactive methodologies coupled with supportive data and classroom activities. The result is a more captivating and effective learning experience that allows students to gain the knowledge and skills they need at their jobs.

Blackblot's pedagogy strives to apply the following sequence of instructional methods and activities when teaching a topic:
    1. Introduction – the concept is introduced and briefly discussed.
    2. Definitions – key terms are defined to promote a common vocabulary.
    3. Model – relevant Blackblot product management model is explained.
    4. Content – detailed subject matter is presented.
    5. Example – an application of the content is displayed.
    6. Retention Drill – short querying of students is done to promote learning.
    7. Exercise – students apply in practice the knowledge they just learned.
    8. Evaluation and Discussion – interactive session to further analyze the topic.
    9. Classic Case Studies – true historical cases are presented and conclusions drawn.
    10. Modern Times – group discussion and analysis of related contemporary events.
    11. Statistical Data – actual numbers that validate claims are provided.
    12. Action Item – a concise guideline that acts as a steering directive is put forward.
    13. Support Chapter – topic centric chapters from Blackblot's PMTK book are available (post training).
    14. Retention Tool – multiple–choice questions tools from Blackblot are made available (post training).
    15. Certification – validation of knowledge acquired via the Blackblot Product Management Professional™ (BPMP) certification program (post training).