Blackblot Academic Licensing

Blackblot provides universities and academic institutions worldwide with all the resources required to build a top-tier, professional technology product management MBA course or executive education program.

Based on the Blackblot PMTK® methodology, a globally adopted best practice, Blackblot provides a complete and synchronized offering of products and services which include a progressive training program, international certification program, professional templates, systematic workbook, psychometric tests, knowledge base and more.

As part of the licensing agreement, universities and academic institutions receive all the required professional content to build their own educational programs. This includes setup processes, templates, course presentations, business models, brochures and web content, training logistics, train-the-trainer services and more.

Universities and academic institutions can brand, customize and create their own versions of the content, according to conditions outlined in the licensing agreement. Getting the right competencies and professional content to provide credible technology product management education is a challenge that can be effectively overcome by partnering with Blackblot.

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Blackblot PMTK Book Cover